HIFA | Open Kitchen Inspiration
Get inspired with these open kitchen concepts
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Get inspired: the open kitchen

Get inspired: the open kitchen

The open kitchen concept has gained popularity in Singapore especially among young couples getting their BTO. While not every HDB flat layout allows for an open kitchen, it is definitely something to consider if possible. The open kitchen is perfect for families who do the occasional light cooking, and for extending your living/dining room area.

Here are some amazing open kitchen inspirations from around the world to get you started:

Credits: thewowdecor.com

The open kitchen visually opens up your kitchen to all your visitors hence it is essential to design functional storage spaces to store your kitchen ware.

Credits: deavita.fr

To distinguish your kitchen from the living or dinning room, consider using different tiles such as ceramic tiles like the picture above. As your kitchen will experience moisture and high traffic, consider using homogenous tiles which are more durable.

Credits: www.metricon.com.au

If you wish to visually extend your living/dining area, consider using the same flooring for your kitchen as well.

Credits: jericholawphotography.com

Hanging pendant lights over the kitchen or simple industrial spot lights are perfect for the open kitchen.