HIFA | 5 Tips For Creating A Scandinavian Home
5 Tips For Creating A Scandinavian Home
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5 Tips For Creating A Scandinavian Home

5 Tips For Creating A Scandinavian Home

The Scandinavian interior is a timeless and popular style renowned for its clean lines and warm functionality. Here are a few tips to creating your very own Scandinavian-styled home

Neutral base colour

White walls and cool grey feature walls dominate the Scandinavian styled home. Add subtle splashes of color through cushions, rugs and furniture.

credits: housebeautiful.com


Natural wood (preferably lighter tones) for flooring, furniture, and walls is the key feature of Scandinavian style.

credits: voceprecisadecor.com.br

Natural light

Light and lots of light! Some of the more common Scandinavian lighting options are exposed bulbs, timber pendants, droplet lights, grasshopper floor lamps.

credits: casahaus.net

Wall art

No Scandinavian home is complete without black and white wall art. Don’t be afraid to display your personality and creativeness on the walls!

credits: uncommonplant.com

Clean line furniture

Choose furniture that has clean lines, timber or light upholstery. Make sure that the furniture you choose complements the color tones of the walls and floor.

credits: homedecorify.com